Our work

Our Work

Input Financing

Why Financing Smallholder farmers?

“Despite smallholder farmers carrying the heaviest responsibility of feeding the whole African continent, less than 1% of formal lending goes to farmers”

Input Loan products

We are providing tailor made input loans to small-scale farmers. Our loan products include production inputs such as certified seed, fertilizer, innoculant, production tools and irrigation equipment. Our loan products are enabling smallholder farmers in very rural areas to have high quality inputs, productive assets and improved technologies needed to increase the productivity and increase their income earnings


Loan Repayment

access to markets

Why Ethical Markets?

“Smallholder farmers are among the most hard-working people in the world, However they are not able to make enough income from their hard work due to poor markets”

We have brought ethical markets closer to the farmers in the last miles through our strategic partnerships with ethical market off-takers. Our markets are enabling small-scale farmers to get fair prices for their commodities and make more money from their hard work. We have established market centers in all our farming communities where farmers are selling their produce.

Skills Development

Why Skills Development?

“92% of smallholder farmers in Africa have not gone through any formal or informal training that can help them increase their agriculture production”

We are equipping thousands of smallholder farmers with modern production techniques and skills needed for them to effectively use their farm inputs, increase their production and sustain their productive resources.

Our capacity building training covers themes around soil management, water management, crop management, agribusiness & financial literacy and climate smart agriculture.