ACADES hosted WUSC Uniterra’s team of student from Canada and Malawi who were working on the self-reliance study. The International Seminar was centered on self-reliance of Refugees in Malawi. The students were grouped in 3 with 5 coming from University of Malawi Chancellor College, Jesuit Worldwide Learning (Dzaleka) and Various universities in Canada.

WUSC Uniterra has been working on the study from 1st July and will finish no 26th July 2019. ACADES being one of the Youth Network that enhances Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness, WUSC Uniterra planned a seminar with them to learn from their experience. Some of the issues that were discussed were issues to do with Overcoming Gender inequality in entrepreneurship and farming, ownership of land, Scarcity of markets, Connections with investors and freedom of expression among others.

The students observed that the young people in Dzaleka Refugee camp are energetic and eager to do a lot in farming but they face several constraints in terms of land for farming, markets, connections with buyers and investors and expertise. Furthermore, the students also said that they cannot fully express themselves in terms of association with the people outside the camp. This hinders them from being productive.  ACADES explained to them on how they work and tackle issues of land through lending among others.  

In her remarks, the International Seminar Coordinator for WUSC Uniterra, Ms. Virginie Tardif, was jubilant with the seminar as their expectations were met. She lamented on the cooperation of ACADES with WUSC in improving the lives of young people in Malawi. The visit to ACADES provided a perspective of an organization helping young people gain self-reliance through agriculture and entrepreneurship. This connects to the issues that are emerging from the youth that the study focused on.